About Us

MEDRAR in Spanish means to ‘Thrive’ and ‘Prosper’. We are a company created by a group of Professional International Medrar LogoTrainers wanting to spread the Hispanic Language and Culture.

Our trainers have Masters Degrees and Advanced Knowledge of Philology. We are in this for our Passion for Teaching, the Hispanic Culture, and the Language. Our uniqueness comes from our ability to teach the language with reference to both the native cultures of Hispanics and India. This allows us to customize our teaching styles to suite the students’ backgrounds. Our classrooms have a strong blend of activity based learning, so while learning it is also enjoyable.

To study any language is to open a door to live the culture, its history, tradition and experience beyond. In MEDRAR we want to open minds and to help our students to live that experience… CONNECTING CONTINENTS !!

What Differentiates Us:

  • Native Spanish Teachers specialized in language skills
  • Our teachers have spent time in India to understand the local culture
  • We can come to your business location to save your employees travel time
  • We understand each company has unique requirements and will build custom trainings suitable for you
  • We are not willing to stop with just Language; we will extend the student experience into Current Affairs, Business Atmosphere, Culture, Art, Music and more
  • We use technology to deliver and support trainings spread across multiple locations
  • Support, confidence and testimonials of our students

 What  Students Think About Us:

  • I enjoyed the Spanish Basic course. The course was tailored to our context as beginners. It was very well delivered and I particularly like the approach taken by our instructor Alex. She was very professional, organized and came prepared for each session and she made it light, refreshing but never boring. Alex has extremely good people skills and showed acceptance & sensitivity towards diverse set of people within the classroom. She brought in a lot of energy and enthusiasm and made the whole learning experience a fun activity with a combination of assignments, quizzes, short movies with sub-titles, tests, etc. I would like to continue with the more advanced levels and would want Alex to continue as our instructor – Vikram J, Bangalore
  • Alex is an excellent teacher who is also a lot of fun so classes are never boring! She was open to answering questions outside of our lessons, I always find that a quality in a teacher – Ierene, Bangalore
  • With Alex’s help anybody and everybody can learn Spanish.. I am in US right now and I cannot explain you how learning Spanish has helped me.. under Alex, you can count on it. – Vijay J, Chennai
  • Perfect blend of teacher and mentor – Bhupendra, Chennai