Father´s Day


Father’ s day is an important celebration and takes place on the 19th of march, the same day that Catholic Church celebrates Saint Joseph.

Like in many other European countries, the festival calendar is strongly influenced by the Catholic Church. Father’s day is celebrated in Spain on Saint Joseph’s day, on the 19th of March.
Saint Joseph’ s day is a Catholic festivity and it commemorates the life of Joseph, Mary’s husband, taking him as an example of what a good husband and father should be like, due to his role within the Sacred Family.
Saint Joseph is also the patron Saint of the Catholic Church, immigrants, workers, and carpenters.



The origin of Father’s Day has it roots in the United States at the beginning of the XX century.
A woman from Washington State called Sonora Smart Dood, fought to establish an official equivalent day for Mother’ s Day. She traveled all over the state to get the support for her initiative and she was succeeded in getting the State Governor enacted a law establishing the celebration of the first Father’s Day in United States on the 19th of March of 1910. She did not know that a few years later, in 1924, her initiative would get to the United States President Calvin Coolidge to urge all the states governments to celebrate Father’ s day on the third Sunday of June.

Due to the success of this day in the U.S, the festivity was adopted by other countries all over the globe. Father’s day is not celebrated on the same day in all the countries: Spain along with many other European countries, celebrates it on the 19th of March, while in South America they follow the American tradition. Although most of the countries celebrate Father’ s day in spring or summer, some other countries like Australia or Luxembourg celebrate it in the second part of the year.