International Schools

International schoolINTERNATIONAL AND SPANISH TEACHERS play an important role in Cambridge (IGCSE) International and International Baccalaureate programs. International schools in India should aim to train students to be Inquiring, Knowledgeable and Caring to create a better world through international understanding and respect.

For International schools to educate their kids in such an environment, they must provide teachers with different background who can broaden kids and schools with their experience.

Medrar has created the first of it kind in India service for International school;

  • Our Services – Shortlisting candidates with Degree in Education, interview, visa, accommodation, friendly orientation to the country, training on educational curriculums in India, academic support, mentoring and other relevant areas. All these areas are critical for an foreigner teacher to adapt and succeed in India.
  • Consulting –  How you can build and integrate programs on Art, Culture, Dances, Culinary, Movie Club, International Festivals Celebrations, Contests and Source relevant books.
  • Extra Curricular Programs:

If you are an International School or planning to become one, consult us on how your teachers can create a a truly International and multicultural experience for your students and the parents.

If you are an qualified International teacher looking towards India for your next assignment, get in touch with us for guidance.

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