Let’s Go Chicos – Spanish Program

Launching two NEW PROGRAMS suitable for all school students after school hours

Learn Spanish from Native Spanish  –  Registration Open  –  Transportation Included   –  Limited Seats  

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About the Program:

School students and parents understand the importance of learning Spanish as a 2nd language in their academic program and personal development, and this program gives them the chance to enjoy and opt for Spanish if their schools are not offering. Second language is not a mandatory subject in 10th Grade Cambridge/ International IGCSE.

Medrar will prepare students in all 4 disciplines (Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking), developing skills like grammar and vocabulary.

Name of the Program Objectives Age Group by Grades When For Whom Academic Target
Let´s Go Chicos – Spanish Program! 
  • This program will help students gain proficiency in Spanish as a second language
  • Prepare students for IGCSE Spanish Exam in their 10th grade
7th to 9th Grades
  • 4.00 -5.15 PM
  • Monday and Wednesday’s
Open to all students in IGCSE, IB, CBSE
  • Learn A2 Level in Spanish
  • Prepare for IGCSE 10th grade examination
  • Students will be promote to next levels according to the knowledge they have     

For WhomOpen to all students of IGCSE, IB, CBSE from 7th to 9th Grades. No prior knowledge of Spanish needed.

  • This program is designed so IGCSE and IB students will have the option to prepare for their Spanish as a second language examination

Duration: 10 Hours/Month, 75mins each session, 2 days per week

Benefits of this program:

  • For Students: They can focus on mandatory subjects like math, sciences or English at the same time they can enjoy learning a language on the side and prepare for the Spanish without interfering with their main subjects.
  • For School: School would have the freedom to organise their own timetable without the pressure of minimum number of hours established by Cambridge program and to give students those hours (~4h/week) to focus on their main subjects.

Medrar Advantage: Medrar has experience in preparing students for IGCSE/ IB examinations; we are registered in Cambridge program. The plan developed by Medrar will help the students learn and prepare with sufficient time and no stress environment.                       

Program Structure: Program will be divided in 4 Levels and will be taught across multiple academic years. Student will be promoted to next level only when they complete their current level satisfactorily.

Levels Content                                                                         
1st Level This level would be from September to March (60h+/-) Present Tense: Talk about him/herself, their school, their environment, agree/disagree, daily routine, family, sports and hobbies…Future (Going to/ will): Talk about plans; this weekend or longer future including vocabulary about trips, holidays, sports, academic and life plans…“Minimum Core Vocabulary List” I (request by Cambridge)
2nd Level [June to March (120h+/-)] Level 1 and 2 would complete A1 Level (CEFR) Past Tense I: Introduction: what did I do this weekend? What did I do last month? or how was my childhood? We’ll talk about memories. “Minimum Core Vocabulary List” II
3rd Level [June to March (120h+/-)] At the end of this level students should have A2 Level (CEFR) Past Tense II: What did I do last month? Or how was my childhood? We´ll talk about memories. Conditional: Wishes and dreams. “Minimum Core Vocabulary List” III
4th Level (Only for students interested to write IGCSE/ IB exam for Spanish as second language in 10th grade) Review full content (June-December). Exam preparation: Mock exams (Jan- April)

Additional information about the program:

  • Medrar will prepare students in 4 disciplines (Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking), workings in skills like grammar and vocabulary, which is required according to the Academic guide, provided by Cambridge.
  • If any student has already studied Spanish before, Medrar will test the level to adjust him/her to the right level independently of his/her academic grade.
  • Note: If any IGCSE student decides to enroll in the program in 9th grade and intends to write the IGCSE Spanish exam in 10th grade, and if he/she has not studied Spanish before, Medrar will provide extra material to help him/her to get the same level of the course, but they will have to make extra effort and responsibility to get the knowledge required to pass the exam.
  • Student will be promoted to next level only when they complete their current level satisfactorily. That´s the only way Medrar will be sure students will have gained knowledge to be successful in IGCSE exam.
  • Medrar will keep students reports available for parents. And students will have a test at the end of each level.
  • By 10th Grade the full program should have been completed, ideal scenario would be to just prepare student through “mock exams”, based on past exams will help candidates to feel confident at the time of examination.

About UsMedrar Cultural Services specialises in promoting Spanish Language and Hispanic Culture. Our native trainers are Spanish and have experience teaching Spanish as second language; they can create a truly international and multicultural experience for the students and the parents.


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