Advance Spanish for Business – Level V (B2.1)

Spanish for Business Course Duration: 70 hours
Who Should Attend: This course is designed for those who are already working within the Spanish environment want to win safety, confident and knowledge in the Spanish language in this specific environment. In this course students will keep working all 4 disciplines (writing, speaking, reading and listening) with vocabulary, newspaper articles and cultural clues that will help them in work context.
Pre-requisite: Knowledge of Spanish for business will be required// Spanish level B1
Brief Program:

  • Introduction: Brief review of B1 to ensure the concepts before going deeper into more advanced knowledge.
  • Lesson 1: Lights and shadows of the Spanish economy: Revised Conditional complimentary hypothesis and advice, how to ask and answer for professional aspects, how to write a report, the labor market
  • Lesson 2: The quality of the company: subordinate subjunctive sentences, relative pronouns revision, how to express assessment on technical matters, personality profiling, how to describe the activities related to decision-making, teamwork.
  • Lesson 3: Communication and Public Relations: discourse markers to illustrate examples and viewpoints to draw attention to speech ideas, how to give instructions by telephone, public relations and ethics, press releases
  • Lesson 4: How important the money is!: discourse markers to justify ideas and consequences, how to explain and rectify information, how to express rejection to an idea, how the money flow, pymes looking for credits

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