Basic Spanish for Business – Level III (B1.1)

Basic Spanish ICourse Duration: 60 hours
Who Should Attend: This course is designed for multinational executives who want to deepen their opportunities for their company and for anyone who wants to give it a more useful learning of this language. In this course students will keep working all 4 disciplines (writing, speaking, reading and listening) with vocabulary, newspaper articles and cultural clues that will help them in work context.
Pre-requisite: Knowledge of Spanish for business will be required// Spanish level A2
Brief Program:

  • Introduction: Brief review of A1 and A2 to ensure the concepts before going deeper into more advanced knowledge.
  • Lesson 1: Spanish businessmen and executives: Past perfect, past reference, periphrasis, Explain reason in argumentation, Accept and reject and invitation, how to move in formal/informal environment, how to correct our own speech, who is who in the office
  • Lesson 2: Future, conditional, causal sentences: so, for this reason… how to explain probabilities, express your opinion, how to ask explanation about documents or situation, to remark some part of the information, how to convene a meeting, Spanish in internet: actual situation….
  • Lesson 3: Human resources: legal environment: Imperative, personal pronoun in the imperative structure, time line, how to give instructions, advice, how to reorganize information to explain an idea, hypothesis, HHRR department: consultant
  • Lesson 4: Corporate culture: how to express impersonality, temporal sentences, Direct/Indirect speech, Superlatives, how to write invitation and how to ask for confirmation of assistance, greeting and apologies, how to express gratefulness, how to work with your team…

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