Intermediate Spanish for Business – Level IV (B1.2)

Basic Spanish IICourse Duration: 60 hours, Homework: (min) 1h/week
Proposed Schedule: 3hours/day, 2days/week
Who Should Attend: This course is designed for multinational executives who want to deepen their opportunities for their company and for anyone who wants to give it a more useful learning of this language. In this course students will keep working all 4 disciplines (writing, speaking, reading and listening) with vocabulary, newspaper articles and cultural clues that will help them in work context.
Once completed this course the student should be prepared for the Basic Certificate of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Madrid. This certificates is recognized by the Chambers of Commerce of the different countries members in the European Union

Brief Program:

  • Introduction: Brief review of B1.1 to ensure the concepts before going deeper into more advanced knowledge.
  • Lesson 1: Branding and economic sectors: The indefinite, relative pronouns, How to express ignorance of a fact, exceptions, how to express indeterminate amounts, Spanish companies and emerging markets, how to interpreter graphs
  • Lesson 2: Pymes: definition of pymes, how to refer contents of a text from someone in the past, expressing conclusions, how to express partial agreement, how to avoid expressing our opinion, complaint letters
  • Lesson 3: Banks and stock market: How to express satisfaction, dissatisfaction, suggestions, how to submit insecurity, how to describe strangeness or surprise, banking, stock exchange, ethics and investment
  • Lesson 4: Company promotion: marketing and advertising: Passive, Indirect questions, how to express bewilderment, how to quote the words of someone, report on Question Time, express consequences, advertisements, press reviews

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