Introduction Spanish for Business – Level I (A1)

Course Duration: 60 hours
Who Should Attend: This course is designed for multinational executives who want to expand the opportunities for their company and for anyone who wants to give it a more useful approach to learning a new language. In this course students will work all 4 disciplines (writing, speaking, reading and listening) with vocabulary, newspaper articles and cultural clues that will help them in work context.
Pre-requisite: No prior knowledge of Spanish required
Brief Program:

    • Introduction: Useful term and facts
    • Lesson1: Who are you?: present “ser” (to be); numbers 1-10, alphabet, greeting, ask basic question about someone: job, nationality, phone number, how to send a letter in Spanish
    • Lesson 2: Where is the office: Present “estar” (to be), numbers 10-100, the city, how to ask and give indications about an address, how to express agree or disagree. 2.1 The office environment; office departments, objects in the office…
    • Lesson 3: What do you do? What is your profession? Present regular verbs, numbers 100-…, how to express frequency, prepositions, how to describe people and places, people´s activities in the departments, companies…how to write a announcement for the company…
    • Lesson 4: How to organize in office; Present irregular verbs, reflexive verbs, prepositions, what time is it?; describe your schedule at office, weeks, months,…planning your agenda

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