Spanish For Travel (Survival Spanish)

Spanish for TravelDuration: 30 Hours Intensive
Who Should Attend: The course is aimed at all those who are visiting Spanish-speaking countries for business or holiday, and want to have knowledge of basic communication. This course gives priority to verbal communication and focuses primarily on travel specific scenarios.
Pre-requisite: No prior knowledge of Spanish required
Training Material: The course material is custom developed by Medrar Cultural Services and is fundamentally designed with audio-visuallearningaids.
Brief program:

  • Introduction: Useful terms and facts
  • Lesson 1: At the airport: How to ask/answer basic vocabulary in the airport
  • Lesson 2: Introduction in a formal environment: how to introduce yourself, your job, your company…
  • Lesson 3: In the taxi: How to ask about price and how to give information about address
  • Lesson 4: In the hotel: Give information about yourself, check in/ out
  • Lesson 5: In the restaurant: Order breakfast, lunch, dinner…