Superior Spanish for Business – Level VI (B2.2)

Spanish for BusinessCourse Duration: 70 hours
Who Should Attend: This course is designed for those who are already working within the Spanish environment want to win confident and knowledge in the Spanish language in this specific environment. In this course students will keep working all 4 disciplines (writing, speaking, reading and listening) with vocabulary, newspaper articles and cultural clues that will help them in work context.

Once completed this course the student should be prepared for the Superior Certificate of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Madrid. This certificated is recognized by the Chambers of Commerce of the several countries members in the European Union

Pre-requisite: Knowledge of Spanish for business will be required// Spanish level B2.1
Brief Program:

  • Introduction: Brief review of B1 to ensure the concepts before going deeper into more advanced knowledge.
  • Lesson 1: Industrial relations and management company: Conditional, Remember / recall, “se”, discourse markers to add information, how to remind something to someone, how to hold a meeting, how to organize the business and communication plan
  • Lesson 2: Entrepreneurs looking for business: franchising: how to compare 2 ideas, how to express fear, how to express emphasis on an idea, how to make oral presentations, forms, invoices, bills, checks
  • Lesson 3: The international market: Indirect Style II, how to express consciences, how to invite a speaker to give his/her opinion, to formulate a hypothesis, international trade, negotiation and body language
  • Lesson 4: Our future: sustainable economy: how to express ratings, percentages and proportions, cohesion textual elements, to draw conclusions, globalization, renewable energy, micro credits.