Spanish Is Fun Program

Launching two NEW PROGRAMS suitable for all school students after school hours

 Learn Spanish from Native Spanish  –  Registration Open  –  Introductory Price   –  Transportation Included   –  Limited Seats

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About the Program:

The program is planned as an extra-extracurricular activity for small age group kids and is a great way to start learning Spanish. Classes will be playful and the learning will be through activities like crosswords, songs, games, movies… This program doesn´t include tests or learning control. It´s focused to keep children involved in activities with Spanish context.    

Name of the Program Objectives Age Groups by Grades When For Whom Academic Target
Spanish Is Fun!! To learn Spanish vocabulary in a playful environment. Crosswords, games, cultural activities, movies… 2nd to 5th Grades 4.00 – 5.00 PM         Monday and Wednesday’s Open to students from all schools Non Academic Target

For Whom: Open to all kids between 2nd to 5th Grades                                                 

Duration: 8 Hours/Month, 1 hr, 2 times a week 

Where: HLC International School, Wing Haven Gardens, Karanai, Chennai

About UsMedrar Cultural Services specialises in promoting Spanish Language and Hispanic Culture. Our native trainers are Spanish and have experience teaching Spanish as second language; they can create a truly international and multicultural experience for the students and the parents



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