The origin of expressions


  campana“Salvado por la campana” (Saved by the bell):

This expression is used when someone has avoided doing a task because another factor came between.

The world of medicine was not yet developed in the past. Doctors were not aware of diseases such as catalepsy or dizziness, so people were buried alive being thought dead. As they found scratches in the coffins they decided to tie a rope connected to a small bell on the deceased hand. If the person was alive he or she would pull the rope ringing the bell and consequently being removed from the coffin.



“Ha pasado un ángel” (An angel has passed by)

This expression is used when there is a moment of awkward silence in a meeting or the conversation stops of a sudden, meaning that everyone has gone quiet.

It was thought formerly that if the name of the dead person was said out loud, the dead person would pass by, so they kept silence as an indication of respect, devotion and love for the soul.